Mill Pond Dredging Trucks Add to 4,000 Vehicles Per Day Traffic Volume on Main Street

When we received the Mill Pond dredging memo from New Canaan’s Public Works Department recently, we wondered if the Town was still planning to pave Main Street this fall. According to the memo, trucks will transport the dredged material to Waveny on a route that includes Main Street during normal working hours, and the project is projected to last approximately four months. At last week’s Town Council meeting, Senior Engineer Tiger Mann reported that approximately 16,000 yards of material would be moved.

The trucks are rolling, but they blend in, and we only notice them occasionally.  Perhaps that’s because Main Street already is the route of choice for so many trucks and other large vehicles. It’s a “collector road,” a main artery into and out of town. Indeed, at the Council meeting Mr. Mann reported that a traffic study had documented 4,000 vehicles a day travel lower Main Street.

Mr. Mann’s report to the Town Council on current and upcoming projects notably omitted repaving Main Street, and he suggested that neighborhood concerns about the proposed sidewalks may have delayed implementation of repaving. Is the Town losing sight of the priorities discussed during the appropriation and issuance of bonds “of $5 Million for Phase III of a pavement management plan for the Town of New Canaan’s network of roads” last spring?

Or does the Town really need Main Street free of construction to transport material from Mill Pond for the next few months?

UPDATE 7/25 – At this morning’s coffee with The Advertiser, First Selectman Jeb Walker said the Mill Pond dredging will be completed within the next six weeks.

UPDATE 7/29- See the 7/29 post reporting on the Main Street traffic studies – the AADT is 4,000+ in each direction for a total of more than 8,000 vehicles


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